We are making elaborate clothing lines for outstanding brand in worldwide. Zain Exports international is one of the famous cut and sew producer which gives several custom-made option to clothing companies worldwide.

Apparel products are something that never fails because clothing is a basic human need. In Zain Exports International we have all types of Apparel products.


The Spaces

In future we are going to create amenities spaces in different departments. In Zain Exports International apparel industry going to launch different Layout.

Zain Exports International—Amenities

Work Floor

We use special techniques for employee so that we rotate them on four jobs in a day.

Zain Exports International—Amenities

Full Kitchen

We offer kitchen items and kitchen products at Zain Exports International.

Zain Exports International—Amenities

Conference Room

We have conference Room which have amenities conferencing support and conduct international meetings through this medium.

What We Have Here for You

Zain Exports International provides a one stop shop for all services of best apparel. We are offering affordable and Good quality garments for our customer to have attained long time support and trust.

24x7 Access

WhatsApp to connect anytime 24/7.

Conference Room​

Daily update or face to face meetings and communications with your manufacturer on Skype or other sources will be able on your behalf.


we have digital printing for clothing and textile industry. We have fabrics and apparel printing.

Gigabit Internet​

The apparel industry extend over the world , and at the base of this industry lies the fiber.


We have projector screen market to growth our industry products. Our apparel industry are changing dramatically.

Week's Supplies​

4-5 days from the time of shipment guaranteed through DHL or other sources. 2-3 weeks construction for an order 30-50 pcs.

Flexible Work Space​

Quickly products on your doorstep. If a apparel products sells faster than expected Quick order possible.

Mail Delivery​

Customer can be contact on Phone or E-mail saves time and travel cost.

Pet Friendly​

Our top priority business give good quality products to our customers. We conduct meetings with customer in friendly environment and offering wide range of apparel products with special standard and requirements.

About- us image Zain exports

Create your biggest impact

We are well pleased to initiate our best Apparel as one of the popular manufacturer and exporters of best quality garments in the country with all variety of fabrics.

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